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The aluminum bottle has many benefits and is considered the future of the US packaging and beverage industry. Aluminum Bottles are a versatile packaging solution that are ideal for storing and displaying items such as lotions and other water based products. They are extremely lightweight, safe, and durable and can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A broad range of aluminum beverage bottle profiles, styles, and configurations, are available for commercial production, including "traditional", "oval", and "sport shapes". And since each bottle is extruded from single piece of pure aluminum, they can be manufactured in a uniform and seamless design.

The Advantages of Using Aluminum Bottles

Many marketers choose aluminum bottles for various reasons, including the convenience of the container. Not only are they resealable and durable, but 100% recyclable. The bottles also serve as the product label and can be shaped in numerous ways. Beverage marketers find an aluminum bottle appealing to consumers because they keep water based liquids cooler longer than some other containers. New hybrid technology makes high-volume aluminum bottle manufacturing less expensive, faster, and more sustainable than existing processes for beverage products.

For nearly a decade, aluminum bottles have caught the eye of brand marketers due to itís diverse visual appeal, silver surface and shaping opportunities providing a powerful brand differentiator, especially in the beverage industry. But these advantages are also being utilized for other products as well such as lotions, detergents, or other promotional items.

Aluminum Container Styles

Styles usually coincide with usage. For drinking, storage, product delivery, outdoor or sport purposes, there is a style that best contains your goods. There are several different styles to choose from at any of our recommended suppliers. Whether itís small, large, with or without a neck, or cylindrical there is a fashionable style that best fits its contents. The outer shell can even take on a style of its own. Choose between a brush metallic look, cover bottles with colors or designs, or go for a basic shiny look.

Aluminum Bottle Sizes

Because aluminum bottles can come in different shapes, the sizes also vary but the most common bottle can hold a capacity of 60 to 300 ml (some as large as 1000 ml) with diameters usually ranging from 35 to 53 mm.

Closures for Aluminum Bottles

The diversity of closures is as wide as the types of sizes and shapes these containers can be produced. Depending on the usage, bottles can come with a multitude of different types of pumps, sprayers, caps, or plugs; all constructed out of either aluminum or plastic.

Aluminum Materials & Properties

Aluminum is a silver-white, soft metal comprising of 1/12th of the Earthís crust. It must be combined with oxygen and other elements and then processed to produce the aluminum used in bottles and cans. Impact extruded bottles are produced with three times the aluminum found in an average beer can providing increased insulation.

The structure and shape of aluminum bottles consist of pure aluminum with an epoxy-based liner. The liners are required to prevent corrosion, leading to contamination of beverages within the bottle.

Recycling Aluminum

Most aluminum bottles come from recycled material and each year since 1990 the amount of aluminum being recycled increases so when choosing aluminum; youíre also choosing an environmentally safer option.

Aluminum Benefits the Environment

The Economic Benefits of Aluminum Bottles & Cans

Today it is cheaper, faster and more energy-efficient to recycle aluminum than ever before. It is 100 percent recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely. Aluminum has a high market value and continues to provide an economic incentive to recycle. According to, the US aluminum industry pays $800 million for empty bottles and cans to the benefit of communities, industry and the environment.

BPA in Aluminum Bottles

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic resins, epoxy resins, and other products. Previous to August 2008, the epoxy liners within aluminum bottled, even water-based ones, contained BPA. However, all aluminum bottles manufactured since August 2008 are being made with new liners that are certified to be BPA- and phthalate-free. Be sure to know when containers were manufactured before using.

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