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Blank labels (inkjet labels, laser labels) are an economic alternative to custom designed bottles, jars, and tin containers. They are a flexible labeling solution that will allow you to print nearly any custom design. These types of labels can be printed from your home inkjet or laser printer and are offered in a variety of colors, shapes, materials, and sizes.

Blank Label Materials

The type of blank label you choose will often be determined by the hardware that is available to you. But in most cases, the application, should have the largest influence. Most blank labels can be printed by both inkjet and laser printers but there are specialized materials that use a specific printing medium. Here are a few of the most popular label material choices.

Matte Blank Labels - The most popular and versatile type of labeling material. Matte blank labels offer a bright white color, a soft finish, and a  persistent and stable adhesive. These labels can be printed on both laser and inkjet printers and are ideal for most mailing and product labeling applications.

Gloss Blank Labels - Another popular labeling material that can produce highly detailed, photo quality images. Gloss labels are made for both inkjet and laser printers but they can't be used interchangeably. They are either made specifically for either inkjet or laser printers. So make sure to specify the type you need when ordering. Glossy labels have a bright white, high gloss shine.

Metallic Foil Blank Labels - These labels are manufactured with a metallic silver foil material and a permanent adhesive. They offer a shiny, reflective surface that can be printed with most laser printers and copiers. Metallic labels can come in both silver and gold finishes.

Weatherproof Blank Labels - Weatherproof labels are made with a variety of durable materials including vinyl and polyester. They are resistant to most outdoor elements and can adhere to plastic, glass, metal, and other smooth surfaces. Weatherproof labels are available in gloss and matte styles and are specifically designed for either inkjet or laser printers.

Blank Label Types

There are a variety of blank label types that can be used for almost any application. Determining the type you need is usually the most important step before labeling your products. Below is a list of the most popular types of blank and laser labels.

Blank Label Colors

White isn't the only color offered. Colored labels have become more widely used and can be manufactured in a range of hues to suit your needs. Standard colors are often the preferred choice but pastels and fluorescents have seen an increase in popularity.

Blank Label Sizes

Blank label sheets are designed for use with your inkjet or laser printer. They are manufactured in a variety of sizes but determining the size that is needed for your product can sometimes be a challenge. See the video below for help in finding the right size label.

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