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Glass jars are defined as any container made of glass that does not include a handle with a mouth larger than half its diameter. Although most jar tops may be slightly narrower than their base, glass jars shouldn't be confused with glass bottles. They are infinitely diverse in design and function.

Glass jars are suitable for a variety of applications from dry goods, creams & lotions, cosmetics, candles, spices, jellies, coffee, tea and more. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for preservation and storing purposes. Glass jars can be used again and again allowing you to become creative with their reuse. They are often referred to as the most environmentally friendly packaging medium.

Below are some of the more popular styles of glass jars. Colored glass jars are available for light and UV sensitive materials. Be sure to check out our recommended glass jar suppliers to see what they have available.

Hexagon Glass Jars (Hex Jars) are six sided jars that are perfect for jellies, jams, cosmetics, creams, lotions, honey, candles, and more.
Straight Sided Glass Jars can be used for a variety of applications including honey, pickling, canning, candles, creams, ointments, bath salts and more.
Glass Spice Jars come in a number of sizes. Certain sizes are better for certain spices. Sifter fitments and air tight caps can be used as closures to easily benefit from this storage medium.
Square Glass Jars can be used for many applications including pickling, canning, salsa, honey, candle jars, creams, ointments, bath salts and more.
Mason jars are used to preserve food through the canning process. They usually will have a two piece, screw top lid that will keep your ingredients from spoiling.
Mini Glass Jars perfect for for gourmet foods such as jellies, jams, honey, and other perishable items..
Paragon Glass Jars are taller and more slender than other types of glass jar. Olives, Spices, and other perishable food items are often found packed in paragon jars.
Round Apothecary Jars are most often used to hold various types of candles. They are also great for adding accents to a counter, mantel, or table top.
Square Apothecary Jars are usually used to display certain items like candles, spices, and candy.

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