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Glass vials have an unlimited range of applications and come in a variety of sizes, styles, volume capacities, and closure options. Since they are manufactured with chemical resistant glass they are an excellent storage & packaging solution for essential oils, acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, cosmetics, and other pharmaceuticals.

Glass Vial Colors

Glass vials are offered in a variety of colors to help protect against UV and light damage. They are normally offered in cobalt blue, emerald green, amber, frosted, and flint (clear). Most glass vial manufacturers will not guarantee compatibility with your products so be sure to ask for samples and test them before placing your order.

Glass Vial Sizes

Glass vials are sold in various sizes and are measured by the amount of liquid they hold. The common unit of measure most associated with glass vials is known as a dram or liquid dram. A liquid dram is equal to 1/8 of an once. So, an 8 Dram vial would hold approximately 1 oz.

Glass Vial Styles

Glass vials are most often manufactured with a threaded top allowing for a number of closures. Other styles of glass vials include screw thread vials, patent lip vials, display vials, EPA vials, perfume sample vials, serum vials, and other specialty vials.

Glass Vial Caps/Closure Options

Your glass vial closure option will usually vary with the application. Glass vials are normally offered with a threaded tip to accommodate most screw down closures. They also are available with orifice reducers, cone lined caps, foil lined caps, applicators, brushes, roll-on, atomizers, and glass droppers. Some vials with no threading also called shell vials or patent lip vials offer other closure options including cork, and plastic stoppers..

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