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What are LDPE Plastic Bottles and their common uses?

Is comparable to HDPE in composition but more translucent. It is generally less rigid and chemically resistant than HDPE. Being a softer material, LDPE can be used for squeeze plastic bottles and other flexible applications like plastic film and grocery bags. LDPE is also used in the manufacturing of some flexible lids and bottles, as well as in wire and cable applications. LDPE is significantly more costly than HDPE.
LDPE plastic is also commonly recycled mostly from commercial sources like businesses that generate shrink-wrap, as well as many agricultural endeavors. Plastic shopping bags, which are made from LDPE, are frequently collected by grocery and drug stores for recycling. Includes Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).

Properties of LDPE Plastic Bottles

Common Uses for LDPE Plastic

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