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Plastic bottle closures are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes and are used in a variety of everyday products. Their utility, aesthetics, and convenience have made them the unsung marvels of the bottle & jar packaging industry.

Plastic closures are being more widely used for packaging bottles and jars for a number of reasons. They can be molded into an unlimited number of unique looks that metal closures can't duplicate. They also offer unique characteristics like ease of use & dispensing, leak resistance, design flexibility, color options, finishing options, and impact resistance.

The shift from metal & glass to plastic has created an increase in demand for plastic closures. This transition is also driven by the consumers need for products that are lightweight, shatter-resistant, and easier to open.

Plastic bottle & Jar closures can be manufactured in a few different ways. Injection and dip molding are the most common.

The most popular plastic bottle and jar closures are listed below:

Plastic Dome Closures - This Dome Shaped Cap is a standard threaded cap with a dome shaped top. These closures are found on bottles and jars and provide a smooth and coontinuous look.
Plastic Ribbed Closures - Ribbed closures come in various configurations to meet most bottle sealing requirements. The ribbing on the cap allows enough friction to easily open and close your container.
Plastic Smooth Closures - These closures are great for capping a variety of products such as lotions, soaps, shampoos and more. These smooth white closures make for an elegant cap choice for any product.
Plastic Brush Closures - Bottle Brush closures offer a standard cap to fit a wide range of bottle sizes. The brush applicator is used to apply a variety of materials to almost any surface. Used for cosmetics, glues, and other applicated products.
Plastic Cone Lined Closures - The coned lined cap or phenolic cap is a threaded closure with a cone seal. This style of closure provides durability, long life, and the ability to provide a perfect seal on the bottle.
Plastic Tamper Evident Closures - Tamper evident closures offer a way to provide security to your packaging without the use of shrink bands. They are usually offered in a range of lining options from induction heat seal to hot fill.
Plastic Dropper Closures - Dropper closures can be screwed onto glass or plastic bottles and are primarily used for dispensing thinner liquids one drop at a time. Usually fit only smaller sized plastic bottles.
Plastic Orifice Reducer Closures - Orifice reducers reduce the bottle opening size so your product will come out more smoothly. Provides a consistent flow and even stream. Popular in shampoo, lotions, and oil bottles.
Plastic Trigger Sprayer Closures - Trigger spraying closures are needed with low viscosity and higher volume materials. They can be used on a variety of containers where controlled amounts of dispensing are necessary.
Plastic Mist Sprayer Closures - Mist spraying closures are a perfect solution when low viscosity liquids need to be dispensed evenly in the air. Mist sprayers can fit on a variety of bottle sizes and are a environmentally friendly alternative to aerosol containers.
Plastic Pump Closures - Pump closures can be fitted to both small and large containers and can be used for a variety of high viscosity applications. A perfect solution for dispensing equal amounts of a product.
Plastic Sifter Closures - Spice Sifter Caps are specifically designed to dispense spices from certain bottles. Many of the styles offer dual release points and come in a variety of colors for easy product identification.
Plastic Snap Top Closures - Snap/Flip top caps feature an easy to open, hinged, top that can easily be opened or closed to dispense your product. Flip tops can be used for both thin and thicker liquids and are one of the more economical options.
Plastic Disc Closures - Plastic Disc Caps feature a hidden orifice that can be opened or closed by applying pressure on one side of the cap top. Most often used in used in the shampoos, conditioners, and other health & beauty products.
Plastic Spout Closures - Offer a unique dispensing cone shape most often used with a plastic squeeze bottles. Spout caps usually come with a red tip and are used with a variety of high viscosity products.
Shrink Band Closures - Shrink bands are designed to be applied over the top of your package lid. They offer a cost-effective means for securing and recognizing tamper evidence.

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