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Plastic jugs are defined as any container made of plastic that does include a handle with a mouth smaller than half its diameter. They are mostly used to contain water, milk, laundry detergent, household cleaners, auto fluids,  and other industrial chemicals. Unpigmented or Natural HDPE, PVC, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene are the preferred plastics used when manufacturing plastic jugs since they have excellent stiffness, chemical resistance, and translucency.

Plastic Jugs are ideal for containing large quantities of a variety of liquids and other dry goods. Most plastic jugs feature either a handle or grip to improve portability over traditional bottles. Some plastic jugs are treated with fluorine to help reduce container distortion (paneling), odor emission, and flavor loss. The fluorination process exposes the surfaces of the plastics to fluorine. Hydrogen atoms on the exposed surfaces are replaced with fluorine atoms, creating a permanent fluorocarbon barrier. Glass jugs can be used as an alternative to plastic jugs.

What characteristics should I be aware of when purchasing a plastic jug or container?

The majority of plastic jugs are sold in their natural state (white) or clear in the styles listed below. They come in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the application.

Round Plastic Jugs Square Plastic Jugs F-Style Plastic Jugs
PVC Clear Jug Plastic Water Jugs Plastic Jerry Cans

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