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Plastic vials come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, and PS are the most popular materials used in manufacturing. They are the perfect solution for packaging small pieces, components, and specimens. They are also great for protecting perishable items that may require the use of an air tight seal. Plastic Vials can be purchased with hinged-lids, snap-tops, or metal screw on caps.

When looking at the differences of a vial made from plastic and a comparable glass vial you will find that the price for a glass vial is considerably lower. However, with some materials, if you are looking at the end cost. You will find that plastic vials can be a more economical solution. When dealing with lab specimens for example, a glass vial is required to be pre-washed and dried before filling. Plastic vials manufactured and packaged under the correct hygienic conditions, do not require this extra step.

During recent years, plastic vials have been used more frequently over glass due to properties like impact strength, low weight, and unnecessary pre soaks. In spite of this, approximately 95% of all vials sold are still made from glass. One of the main reasons is that many pharmaceuticals  tested previously tested were registered in glass vials which was the only choice at the time. Another reason is that when making a choice for a primary packaging solution, the total cost of the vials is not taken into account. The purchase price of the vial is usually the main concern not taking into account the extra overhead.

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