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Tin containers are a versatile and flexible packaging solution that are ideal for storing and displaying items such as cosmetics, candles, coffee, teas, spices, candy and other food related items. And since they are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, they are a perfect promotional packaging medium.

The Advantages of Tin Containers

Stock Tin Containers - Metal Tins

Stock tin containers are manufactured in sizes and shapes that are most often used by individuals and small business alike to display and store their products. They are usually produced in large quantities to offer their wholesale buyers the lowest price possible. A comprehensive list of the most popular stock tins are listed below. Most are offered in additional sizes.

Hinged Tin Containers - Hinged tins are designed with a top that is attached by a hinge at the bottom. They are usually offered in a rectangular shape that allows the user to easily open and close the packaging.
Slip Cover Tin Containers - Slip cover tins offer an easy open top that fits smoothly but provides a tight seal with the bottom. These types of  metal tins are the most common and are usually manufactured with an embossed or debossed lid.
Clear Top Tin Containers - Clear top tins are basically slip cover tins with a clear, see-thru top. The tops are manufactured with a polystyrene plastic that allows you to display any items that might be inside.
Screw Top Tin Containers - Screw top tins are built with threaded lids and bottoms that allow the user to easily open and close the container with a simple twist. It can be used to force an air-tight seal, depending on the liner.
CD Tin Containers - CD tins are very thin metal tins that hold a standard size CD or DVD. Adhesive CD/DVD foam dots and inserts can be purchased to ensure a secure fit.
Slide Cover Tin Containers - Slide cover tins are manufactured with an inner lip that securely holds the sliding top lid. These types of tins allow the user to easily open and close the container and offer a convenient storage medium for smaller items.

** Be sure to ask for samples before ordering to test your product with the container. Most manufacturers will not guarantee compatibility but are very helpful and can advise you of what has worked in the past.

SKS Bottle Structure Chart - An Excellent Guide to Tin Containers

Custom Tin Containers & Packaging

Custom tins can be manufactured to customer specifications into an almost unlimited number of shapes and sizes. They make an excellent  promotional packaging medium and since they are usually made in smaller quantities than stock tins, they do have a collectible value.

A cost effective alternative to having a custom tin manufactured is using a printed label. Blank labels can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be fitted nicely to any tin container. Online labels offers several kinds of labels specifically designed for tins.

Recycling Metal Tins

Tin containers use considerably less resources and energy than either glass, plastic, and aluminum. Here are some tin and steel recycling facts.

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